SAKARTVELO (საქართველო)

That’s what the name of Georgia sounds like in our native tongue. How can we best describe her? There’s a myriad of things to be said: with Georgia being one of the world’s oldest civilizations, the first Georgian kingdoms of Colchis and Iberia already existed in antiquity. Georgia is tied to Greek mythology as well – it is here that the legendary Argonauts came in search of the Golden Fleece. She is also home to the oldest Europeans: the most ancient human remains in Europe were discovered on Georgian soil. And in 2017 our country was officially deemed the birthplace of wine – rightly so, given that we boast an over 8000-year old wine-making tradition! We also mustn’t forget that Georgia adopted Christianity in the 4th century AD, becoming the second country in the world to do so.


Georgia is a mountainous country, surrounded from the north by the peaks of the Greater Caucasus range. This relatively small nation is characterized by diversity – with the Black Sea as her western border, the Lesser Caucasus range to the south, and vast valleys and steppes to behold in the east.


The temperate and varied climate of Georgia guarantees a bountiful and diverse harvest as well as aromatic spices. The characteristic ingredients used in our dishes give our cuisine its inimitable and exceptional taste.


Georgia is the birthplace of wine. On this land our ancestors began cultivating grapes as early as 8000 year ago. The Georgian method of making wine, that is, in clay amphorae called “kvevri”, is listed by UNESCO as a global cultural heritage. Georgians continue these practices to this day, and traditional kvevri wine can be found anywhere.


Georgia adopted Christianity in the 4th century AD, which has resulted in an abundance of ancient sacral edifices all over the country – some being UNESCO monuments. But Orthodox churches aren’t the only thing Georgia can show off. There are also medieval centres of education and culture, academies, fortified towers and castles, cave-cities, as well as monuments hailing back to pagan times.


Georgian hospitality is a thing of legend. There’s a saying in Georgia that the guest is a gift from God. Hospitable, kind-hearted locals make every trip to Georgia an inimitable experience.

So join us, pack your bags and come marvel at the mountain views, taste Georgian cuisine, and enjoy a glass of wine, while we, your two full-blooded Georgians hosts, do everything in our might to ensure that memories of the time spent with us brings a smile to your face for years to come!